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The annual prize "Golden mask" went to Polish theatrical mega spectacle "Dictionary of the Khazars. Children of Dreams"

On the occasion of the International Theatre Day, Theatre in Opole (Poland) has awarded by the  Golden mask prize a performance  "Dictionary of the Khazars. Children of Dreams ", based on the novel by Milorad Pavic. The award went to director Paweł Passini  and scenographer Zuzanna Srebrna.

As the jury states: "This brave, modern and at the same time monumental performance is the ultimate art project in which a dream, fantasy and fiction are categories that connect distant spaces, time as well as religious and philosophical systems."

Three-hour spectacle - Dictionary of the Khazars. Children of Dreams (Słownik Chazarski. Dzieci Snów) based on the novel by Milorad Pavic had its premiere in Poland in early February of 2012. Theatre "Jan Kochanovski" in Opole, southern Poland, is well known as a center of international theater festivals. The spectacle played in three scenes simultaneously with three audiences was directed by Paweł Passini.