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Biography and books

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88x31 Jasmina Mihajlović was born in Niš (Serbia). She is a writer, literary and hyperfiction critic. She is managing „The Milorad Pavić Bequest" (SER -11000 Belgrade, Braće Baruh 2). J.Mihajlović M. Pavić's biographer and bibliographer, and editor of his collected works. See her book: „A Tale of the Soul and the Body. Layers and Meanings in the Prose of Milorad Pavic" (Belgrade 1992). (Sf.: Gorup, Radmila. Jasmina Mihajlović. Priča o duši i telu. Slojevi i značenja u prozi Milorada Pavića, Belgrade, Prosveta, 1992. – World Literature Today, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Summer 1993, Vol. 67, N. 3; pp. 636-637.)WP 20150526 12 07 37 ProAutor: Stefano Bisaki, Tbilisi, Gruzija


Jasmina Mihajlović graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Philology at the Belgrade University — Department of Yugoslav and foreign literature. She taught literature in Belgrade secondary schools since 1987; Between 1989-1991 she cooperated with the Institute of Literature and Art in Belgrade on the project „Serbian Literary Criticism", and from 1991 to August of 1999 she was Director of the Council for promoting Serbian culture abroad, with the World Serbian Community seated in Geneva.

Since 1999 she has had the status of freelance artist. She is member of the Serbia Literary Society. She was elected an honorary member of the Kiev scientific journal "Мова та історія" („Language and History"). She was a columnist of the "Lisa", magazine belonging to the "Burda" corporation, „Grad", „Jasmin", „Bazar", „Fame", „Ona" and the author of following books:



Jasmina Mihajlović is managing  M. Pavić's  Bequest and Foundation, and hold the copyrights (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to all of his books. Her fiction has been translated into the English, Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Azeri and Georgian.

Jasmina Mihajlović, as a literary author, nurtures an eclectic genre of travel and epistolary prose with traces of the anthropological essay and private narrative, which is read with the tenseness of a thriller, horror and great love story.