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Milorad Pavić – TWO YEARS LATER: Translation, editions and theatre performances

In 2010. and 2011. around the world have emerged new or restored editions of books by Milorad Pavić. There are some twenty new translations. Thus in Russia were republished novels Landscape Painted with Tea, Inner Side of the Wind, Last Love in Constantinople, Writing box, Star Cape, Second body and collection of short stories Multicoloured eyes. In America within Kindl electronic editions on appeared Unique Item, Blue book and Second body. Also in the fall is expected to be released brand new multimedia edition of Dictionary of the Khazars, which now will be available worldwide in digital form.

Slovaks in „Slovart“ publishing house printed Landscape Painted with Tea and Fake Mole. Greeks have published collection of stories Two fans from Galata, and in Vilnius, in Lithuania was published Dictionary of the Khazars. Azerbaijan has released Dictionary of the Khazars, jubilee edition, with a picture of the monument dedicated to Milorad Pavić in Tašmajdan park.

Georgians in Tbilisi were released Inner Side of the Wind and Dictionary of the Khazars, while the Turks revamped Dictionary of the Khazars by printing it now as an androgynous edition (jointed male and female sample) with a preface of the author.

Interesting was the emergence of Dictionary of the Khazars in Indonesia, who was accompanied by tempestuous literary piracy story.

When it comes to Pavić’s books, in Serbia appears to be completely different phenomenon. Due to the inappropriate length of the probate discussion caused by the reform of the judicature, so far only new edition of Short history of Belgrade and Pavić’s translation of Pushkin „Eugene Onegin“ was published, while for the october Book Fair finally will appear Dictionary of the Khazars, Inner Side of the Wind and Second body, published by the Institute for textbook publishing and teaching aids, the novels which aren’t present in native language for over a year!

Similar Serbo-global situation appears to be going with the Pavić’s posthumous theatrical life. He is immanent everywhere, except in Serbia. In 2010. and 2011. were played premieres in Moscow, Bucharest and Prijedor. Moscow, in the form of musical drama performed Bed for three, in Bucharest Mik Theatre dramatized the Star Cape, while Gradimir Gojer, director from Sarajevo, in Prijedor theater set a play named Petkutin and Kalina – Play Pavich, based on the dramatization of the entire Pavić’s literary work.

Intriguing is Russian multimedia project Dictionary of the Khazars – live, presented at the All-Russian Festival of Science in Moscow this year. This is the concept of approaching the novel from the modern maze standpoint which includes architecture, computer games, theater, film, museum approach etc.. See: „Живой Хазарский Словарь