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Selected Works of Milorad Pavić in 10 volumes


“Vulkan’’ Publishing House has printed Selected Works of Milorad Pavić in 10 volumes for Belgrade Book Fair 2014. Both paperback and clothbound boxed set are available. The editor, prof. Aleksandar Jerkov, decided to publish 5 books of short stories with the following titles: Belgrade Stories, Mediterranean Stories, It’s a Small World, Serbian Stories and The Last Story; as well as the novels Dictionary of the Khazars, Landscape Painted with Tea, Inner Side of the Wind, Unique Item and Last Love in Constantinople’(in one book), Second Body and Artificial Mole (in one book).

The Bequest of Milorad Pavić (Jasmina Mihajlović) has also taken part in this publishing project. The unusual design for the paperback editions was created by Nebojsa Zorić, while Dejan Jovanović took care of the ‘’old fashioned’’ clothbound editions.

Selected Works of Milorad Pavić are special because of the first publication of The Last Story of this author, written just before he passed away. The story was published in the book by the same name. Also, the editor decided to put some novels together, so Unique Item and Last Love in Constantinople, novels of unusual form, were published in one book. On the other hand, Aleksandar Jerkov decided to unify the Second Body and Artificial Mole, two last novels of this acknowledged Serbian writer.

Collected or Selected Works of Milorad Pavić were previously published by “Prosveta” (1990) and “Draganić” Publishing House (1996). In Russia Sankt Petersburg’s “Azbuka” and “Amfora” used to publish his selected works. Electronic version of the selected works of Milorad Pavić in English can be found on kindle

More about the Selected Works of Milorad Pavić (Vulkan):

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