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Drama For Ever and A Day entitled Petkutin i Kalina performed in the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

02.Premijera2In theater Prijedor (Republika Srpska) a play Petkutin i Kalina had its premiere on 7 May 2011th, by texts of Milorad Pavić and the adaptation of director Gradimir Gojer from Sarajevo. With the subtitle Play Pavich in the play are primarily used components of drama „A Theater Menu: For Ever and a Day“, but also excerpts from the novel „Dictionary of the Khazars „,“Landscape painted with tea“ and Milorad Pavić’s stories.



03.Petkutin i Kalina2Piece „For Ever and a Day“ has so far played in Moscow (MHAT, 2002) and Macedonia (Bitola National Theatre, 2004). This is the first performance in the Serbian language. Drama was published in printed form in 1993rd.