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LEGAT MILORADA PAVIĆA – Milorad Pavic’s Bequest

Milorad Pavic’s Bequest which this writer endowed to his hometown of Belgrade, will be for the first time opened for the public during the „European Heritage Days“ (European Heritage Days – a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission). Founder of the Pavic legacy is the city of Belgrade, while his trustee is his wife, writer Jasmina Mihajlovic.

Milorad Pavic bequeathed to Belgrade all of his manuscripts, books, archives, a library of several thousand titles, writing desk from the 18th century, as well as two oil paintings from the same period, described in his novel, Landscape Painted with Tea. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the space in which he created, translations of more than 300 books into 36 languages, handwriting of Dictionary of the Khazars, personal letters as well as inscriptions of the world’s great writers from Umberto Eco to Robert Kuver…

Monument dedicated to Milorad Pavic is located in the heart of Belgrade, in Tasmajdan park, while in the center of Moscow in the Alley of world’s writers is Pavic’s bust placed between Dante and Joyce.

It should be mentioned that on the Kindle reader, in the form of e-book is currently a total of seven books by Milorad Pavic in English.

Pavic still lives