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The publishing house Dereta has released the first illustrated edition of the Milorad Pavic’s Dictionary of the Khazars in English. The author of illustrations is famous Bulgarian artist Yasen Panov.

These detailed and luxurious drawings that Panov created, was inspired by the book over the past twenty years. The original bibliophilic edition in Bulgarian made on large-format sheets placed in a metal box with a cover made of cast glass was presented to the audience two years ago in Sofia.

Having in mind the needs of the publisher, Yasen Panov has incorporated the text and drawings into the English translation of the Dictionary of the Khazars, so this book will be presented to the public in Serbia for the first time as an illustrated edition of the usual format at the Book Fair in Belgrade.

A formal promotion will be held during November in Belgrade, with the presence of the author, Yassen Panov.

За потребе Деретине едиције Павићеви романи на енглеском језику, Јасен Панов је текст и цртеже уклопио у енглески превод Хазарског речника, па ће се публици у Србији први пут представити ова књига као илустровано издање нормалног формата на Сајму књига у Београду.

Свечана промоција ће бити током новембра месеца у Београду, уз присуство аутора, Јасена Панова.

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