Novi Heder 2021 001 1


The March edition of the magazine Serbica, issued by Université Michel de Montaigne – Bordeaux 3, has published a special edition (dossier) dedicated to Milorad Pavic, under the title „The first writer of the XXI century“ (Le premier écrivain XXIe du siècle). At, besides extracts from four Pavić books and Autobiographies, which is translated by Marija Bezanovska,

it’s been published a significant number of other articles: two essays on the Dictionary of the Khazars, written by academics in France, Sanja Boskovic and Boris Lazic, two interviews with Pavic, two stories of prof. Milivoj Srebro – a portrait of the writer and the study of the reception Dictionary of the Khazars in the Franch speaking area, and the text of the French critic Nicole Casanova on the Inner Side of the Wind. The thematic article includes a detailed bibliography of Pavic’s books translated in French and a list of published articles on the writer in the French newspapers and periodicals.

So far, eight Pavic’s books are translated in France, while currently publisher Lièvre Lunaire prepares bibliophile edition of several Pavic’s stories. Milorad Pavic was a guest of the famous Bernard Pivot in his cult show Apostrophe, the play Dictionary of the Khazars was performed at castles around France, while publisher Belfond is largely responsible for the planetary fame of Dictionary of the Khazars.