"A cup for pouring dreams..." - a music and storytelling performance based on "Dictionary of Khazars"

Dear people of the Dictionary of Khazars,
I write to you from Poland.
I want to tell you a little bit about the performance we have made and share a little bit of our joy :-)
Me and my two friends we are folk musicians and storytellers.
We know "Dictionary..." for many years, and more - we somehow live it. We read it on and on, we talk a lot about it, we play with it, look for traces and inspirations... Two years ago we decided to work on a music/storytelling performance based on "Dictionary..." - and so we did. We played it first time exactly year ago.

Le Dictionnaire Khazar de Milorad Pavić traduit en albanais

L'oeuvre de Milorad Pavić a davantage intéressé à l'étranger qu'en Serbie.

Au cours des trois dernières années, c'est-à-dire depuis le décès de Milorad Pavić, on recense 56 publications de ses livres : 48 à l’étranger et 7 chez nous. Des traductions des ouvrages de Pavić ont été éditées : en Amérique, Russie, France, Chine, Corée du sud, Mexique, Mongolie, Bulgarie, Grèce, Slovaquie, Géorgie, Azerbaïdjan, Albanie, Monténégro, Turquie, Tchéquie, Lituanie.


2010 - 2013

From Pavic's demise until today, during the period 2010-2013, there are 58 published editions of his books. Out of that, 47 editions are published abroad and 11 books are from the local publishers. Translations of various titles have been printed in the United States, Russia, France, South Korea, Mexico, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania.
Also it were played four theatrical performances in Russia, Romania, Poland and Republika Srpska.


LEGAT MILORADA PAVIĆA – Milorad Pavic’s Bequest

Milorad Pavic’s Bequest which this writer endowed to his hometown of Belgrade, will be for the first time opened for the public during the „European Heritage Days“ (European Heritage Days – a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission). Founder of the Pavic legacy is the city of Belgrade, while his trustee is his wife, writer Jasmina Mihajlovic.