''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea'' in Azerbaijan. Chinese international radio GB Times on literary couple Pavić – Mihajlović. Jasmina Mihajlović's interview for ''Newsweek''

Jasmina Mihajlović's autobiographical prose ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea'' (Laguna) was published in Azeri  (Ajnur Tabrizli's translation). The publisher is the Translation Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

„Xəzər dənizinin sahillərində“ is nicely and carefully designed book, with photographs of J. Mihajlović and M. Pavić. At the very end there is a photograph of Pavić'a monument in Belgrade park Tašmajdan, which Azerbaijan has built and gifted to the writer's home town – Belgrade.


Milorad Pavić and Jasmina Mihajlović in Serbia and worldwide

Jasmina Mihajlović’s autobiographical travel book ’’On the Shores of the Khazar Sea’’ (Laguna, 2014) will be published in Baku, in Azeri, then in Georgia, in Georgian,where the author will be the special guest of the Tbilisi Book Fair in May. The Russian translation of her book will be published by ’’Amfora’’, from Saint Petersburg.

The December issue of the luxurious Azerbaijani literary magazine ’’Kitabči’' (''The Book Shop'') had the photo of Milorad Pavić and Jasmina Mihajlović on its cover, while in the magazine eight pages were dedicated to this literary pair and their prose. Along with the interview given to Azeri writer Selim Babuloglu there were excerpts from ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea''.


Selected Works of Milorad Pavić in 10 volumes


“Vulkan’’ Publishing House has printed Selected Works of Milorad Pavić in 10 volumes for Belgrade Book Fair 2014. Both paperback and clothbound boxed set are available. The editor, prof. Aleksandar Jerkov, decided to publish 5 books of short stories with the following titles: Belgrade Stories, Mediterranean Stories, It’s a Small World, Serbian Stories and The Last Story; as well as the novels Dictionary of the Khazars, Landscape Painted with Tea, Inner Side of the Wind, Unique Item and Last Love in Constantinople’(in one book), Second Body and Artificial Mole (in one book).

The Bequest of Milorad Pavić (Jasmina Mihajlović) has also taken part in this publishing project. The unusual design for the paperback editions was created by Nebojsa Zorić, while Dejan Jovanović took care of the ‘’old fashioned’’ clothbound editions.


Pavić in Greece, Russia and China

On the ocassion of 30 years from the first edition of the Dictionary of the Khazars (1984) and 5 years from the death of Milorad Pavić, Greek ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ had dediceted its whole October literary issue ΒΙΒΛΙΟΘΗΚΗ to this Serbian writer.

In the add-on The Building of Spheres, Athens newspapers have published on four pages texts of Greek critics, photographs of eight translated books of Pavić, an article about the success of the Dictionary of the Khazars in China, excerpts from Two Fans from Galata which will soon be published; as well as the text Acoustics of Spheres by Goran Petrovic, which was specially ordered for this occasion.



30 years have passed from the first edition of the ''Dictionary of the Khazars'' – a lexicon novel in 100.000 words by Milorad Pavić (1929 – 2009). From 1984. up to today more than a million copies of the novel have been sold in ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia, and it has had 103 editions (ordinary, digital and audio editions) in 36 languages.  The novel which takes the shape of dictionary entries tells the story of three religions – Christianism, Judaism and Islam, of the lost Khazar empire, the Middle Ages, baroque and modern era, of dreams and Dream hunters. The novel has been named ''the first novel of the 21st century'' by literary critics worldwide.

All around the world from New York to Moscow there are plays based on this novel, there are performances, exhibitions inspired by the book, there are clubs of fans of Pavić, the novel is being analyzed in the literary departments in various faculties and universities from all over the world, people are writing master and PhD thesis about the novel, they are making comics and Facebook pages…


New Jasmina Mihajlović's Book ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea''

na obali hazarskog mora v

In March, 2014, Jasmina Mihajlović published a new book ‘’On the Shores of the Khazar Sea’’. Amazon.com was the first to publish this book translated by Dragana Rajkov, and then Laguna published the book in Serbian, Jasmina’s mother tongue.

Readers have before them a very unusual autobiographical love story. Wrapped in a travelogue through exotic Azerbaijan and a series of private-public memories, it tells of the love of two writers whom death could not part.